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We are home to some of the UK’s finest cartoonists’ talent, and we’re confident our members will be able to fulfil all your cartooning requirements. Of course, we don’t just supply cartoons for print and web; many of us are also caricaturists, workshop leaders in schools and community settings – and performance cartoonists.

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It’s only a cartoon: part two

February 26, 2017 in General

© Rupert Besley Rupert Besley writes: Perhaps it’s because most cartoons get viewed for no more than a second or two that people seem to imagine that is also all the time it takes to complete one (thanks, Rolf). Despite a fine tradition over two centuries of world-class cartooning, this country does not value cartoons…

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Freedom of speech under threat in South Africa

February 22, 2017 in General

Cape Town, legislative capital of South Africa We have received a message from CRNI Executive Director Dr. Robert Russell alerting us to a growing crisis in South Africa that will directly impact all of the nation’s cartoonists. “What is going on under the Jacob Zuma government in South Africa is especially dangerous because leaders of…

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A call to support imprisoned cartoonist ‘Eaten Fish’

February 21, 2017 in General

© Martin Rowson #addafish to our virtual shoal and help the fight to free fellow cartoonist #EatenFish from misery and degradation. Iranian cartoonist ‘Eaten Fish’, until recently on hunger strike, has been protesting his imprisonment since 2013 in the notorious Australian-run detention facility at Manus Island. (See Blog passim.) Now, thanks to an inspired idea…

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It’s only a cartoon: part one

February 21, 2017 in General

@ Rupert Besley Rupert Besley writes: Nobody likes to be kicked about. Or just hurled in the bin. But that’s what cartoonists have to get used to much of the time. Rejection is a major part of the business and always has been. Even the top professionals in established posts have long been required to…

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